How I Christmas This Year


This holiday, I challenged myself to watch as many Christmas movies as possible— across all platforms (TV/streaming). Given we still live in a COVID hellscape, this seemed like the safest option for me. Here are my takeaways:

— In the battle between Lifetime & Hallmark, Lifetime takes the lead in diversity and inclusivity… while Hallmark seems afraid to diverge from plots of NYC ad executives looking to find their holiday mojo in a small town Christmas tree lot.

— Netflix has some good contenders in Single All The Way and Love Hard. (The Christmas Prince belongs in a dumpster.)

— Hulu surprised me with Happiest Season and No Sleep ‘Til Christmas… these are decent options if the usual holiday storylines make you bored and gassy.

— If you like reality TV, you’ll like HBOmax’s 12 Dates of Christmas. I hate dating shows, so it made me want to drink curdled eggnog just so I wouldn’t have to watch it anymore.

— Disney+ is your place for holiday classics that you watched in the 90’s. It was a simpler time when Tim Allen was still popular and Macaulay Culkin wasn’t a 40-year-old weirdo.

Anything I’ve missed? Do you have any Christmas movie suggestions for me?

Leave them in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “How I Christmas This Year

  1. Candida Echeverria

    Merry Christmas. You really are an entertaining writer! I loved Dolly Parton’s Christmas Musical. It was on Netflix last year. It is very cute and simple with great music.

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  2. Admittedly, I am a devoted Christmas princess/prince movie fan! I’m quite certain that I have completely emasculated my poor guy by forcing him to watch copious amounts of these types of movies this year. I did throw in Die Hard to try to balance things out, though!

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