Once I was old enough to read, I developed a lifelong addiction to books, politics, and candles that smell like pumpkin pie. It wasn’t long before I began writing my own stories in my head. My Barbie dolls had the most intriguing backstories, involving a range of fictional scandals like kidnapping, fraud, mistaken identities and even a fling with a Prussian prince (Yes, I was 10 and I still knew where to find Prussia on a map).

After graduating from Santa Clara University, to amuse myself, I began to write little columns and, after a time, decided to send my portfolio to my hometown newspaper, The Patterson Irrigator. Soon, I had my very own column, Hometown Girl.

When I’m not devouring books or writing columns for the paper, I can be found tapping away at my laptop. I have written three young adult novel manuscripts and am currently working on a memoir.

Email: elizabette@elizabette.com

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

       –Oscar Wilde